I am not apple fan, but I am really surprised how useful IPad is.

I am mostly using it for :

  • rss / pocket / book / mail reader
  • evernote
  • some games ( hero academy is awesome )

Apart from great apps and games you can use your IPad as a 3rd monitor.


This is possible thanks to AirDisplay. This app uses WIFI network to send/receive data. Of course IPad and your PC have to be in the same network. It works really nice with win7. You can drag and drop normal windows, change layout of  screens and touch events are ok (there is a little lag but I got used to it). Unfortunately screen on tablet is doesn’t have instant refresh but it’s really good if you want to show something little static.

For past 4 days I have been using this setup to display logs from my app. It works really awesome. In the future I will try to use this idea more. Sketching, drawing, displaying some ideas. I could even drag some window with part of the code and go to my colleague at work Smile that seems cool.