This page is to help potential recruiters, head hunters and clients to understand how I like to work and what I can offer.

What I might be looking for in the future

I am in a stage of the career that, I am more interested in ‘big picture’ and responsibility for more than one component. My main focus area is - building scalable, reliable, distributed teams and cloud-native products. Backend is my world but, I can also do Frontend as a support. In the future, I will be looking for Lead/Principal/Architect role - a connector between business and tech. Responsible for supporting and driving tech/architecture decisions and growth of the team with a hands-on element.

Who Am I

I am a natural leader - finding it very rewarding when helping other people to align to company goals and help them reach their goals. I have some managerial experience with running single teams. I am not afraid of business and love to understand the domain and the problem space. I am not an engineer that sits in the corner awaiting task and just ‘code’. I am a driven, motivated and pro-active person that is happy to solve engineering problems as well as org/process problems.

As I am quite experienced I am no longer focus on specific technology. My main expertise is .NET and C# ecosystem but I am a quick learner and building GO, Python knowledge at the moment. I am very comfortable to work in UNIX ecosystem using i3wm and Mint. I am a huge fan of VIM.

What environments I like to work in

The best place to work for me is highly agile with a lot of trust and freedom. I am driven by making an impact not building features and finishing tasks. I like to work in self-organizing, cross-functional teams that operate as a single unit with specific ‘problems/solutions’. Give me some KPI’s, help me understand why these are important to you and I will help you not only from engineering angle but also from ‘team and process’ point of view. I love to work on products and teams that want to be driven by Data. This is something I like to call ‘Data Driven Development. I have to own something and be responsible for it - it can be product, domain, discipline, team.

What I am passionate about

My main passion - ‘cloud-native distributed systems’. Things like ‘Eventual Consistency’, ‘Cap Theorem’, ‘Dynamo Paper’, ‘Consensus Problems’, ‘CRDT data structure’ are the things that make me really happy. I am spending a lot of time researching - how to build, maintain and operate scalable and reliable solutions. Apart from that, I do spend a lot of time with GO, Python and Kubernetes and soon ‘Service mesh’ and ‘Istio’ - this is my current focus when it comes to working on my ‘toolbelt’.

I also love to share knowledge by writing blog posts, doing videos, speaking and running workshops. A future organization will have to be able to let me spend some time on these activities. This, of course, can be of a benefit for both parties.

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