Today I was doing the “boring” stuff. Yeah , creating list definitions , field definitions and installing features it is … boooring. You have to “click click click”.

By the way a co-worker told me about a nice addin to Visual Studio InsertGuid it’s quite useful.


Ok so while developing I encountered an exception “cannot complete this action please try again” when SPField.Update() was called. So, I started to check recent modifications. Nothing. Checked the Iist. Nothing. Restarted the Iist. Nothing . Recreated whole site on the sharepoint. Nothing. Then while inspecting schema I realized that my ContentType Definition had a typo in its ID parameter.

It was 0x01CBC435A1D27A418DA9AB503224F75CDA but should be 0x0100CBC435A1D27A418DA9AB503224F75CDA 4 hours wasted …

Definitely the best one of those special Exceptions is “Unspecified Error” when calling Unmanaged classes. Very informative , elegant just cool. This one happened when I was calling Active Directory and performed a Check if a user exists which used the DirectorySearcher.FindAll() method …. couple hours wasted and solution ?? Application pool or user with permission to AD had too low security access.

Doh , You just have to love those “special” exceptions . I hope that this short post will be helpful to some poor soul trying to figure out “What the hell happened?” :D