Total Commander is a great file management tool. You can download shareware version which you can use for 1 month here.

1. Global Ignore List In Sharepoint i am always versioning all the files. When copying files to sharepoint 12 Hive there is always a problem with .svn directories. They are making a nice mess and I was wasting a lot of time deleting them. Total Commander has a nice feature which can with this. Ignore List. You can add files , directories and they wont be copied. Unfortunately there is a minor problem , those files are also filtered from views ;[

2. SlickRun + TotalCommander

I have made a post abotu SlickRun [it’s right now in polish]. This is a great program. You can define various macros and run multiple different commands , applications really fast. For example one of mine commands is the “Forums” which opens 10+ www pages in chrome. I have integrated the SlickRun with a Total Commander command line parameters and for one of the projects created a great shortcut to run TC with the bin folder on the left and debug folder on the right.

There are more useful commands. More info in the TC help.

3. Num + ,- and Num *

By clicking Num + you can write a regular expression which will select all the files in the current directory , Num – deselects the files and Num * Inverts the selection. The plus option is really great especially when you are cleaning your Desktop :D

If you have more interesting and useful tips for TC. Please let us now in the comments.