There is one thing we are losing constantly in our lives , Time. it is our most precious assests and we can not do a thing to stop this process. If we can’t stop it let’s do something else , let’s use is effectively. Time management should be our most important skill. This assumption gave me a motivation to learn about this process and to start this project. 

Time is money is a tool used to integrate popular open source Applications.
-TODO List
-Desk Notes

In the future im planning to create my own tools but right now it is used as a “bridge”.It will use python extensively in order to develop new solutions and time management systems . Anyone with a little python knowledge will be able to script his own application-features ,ideally suited to his life style.


On this early stage of developement it is only a xml parser.You can add new items to the xml files used by theTODO lists. Global key hook catches the event of the key press and displays simple dialog with one text box. After ading the task it appears on the waiting list.Then on specified time you are reminded that there are items still waiting to be sorted. By clicking on the item you can select another TODO List to cut & paste the item.


The idea is to collect all the tasks. It doesn’t matter if they are simple or complex. Then at specified time you should review tasks and sort the beetwen different lists like a :

-What to do tommorow
-In the next week
-Project Ideas


You can get the code here : Franc ik/TimeIsMoney


I have started using GIT and it is really great.