Time is money task adding and sorting tool is almost done. I  have decided to move the project to WPF,   it is a more flexible and powerful framework.



The idea behind this mini tool is simple. I m collecting tasks throughout day and at the let’s say 8 pm I m reviewing them and sorting to lists.

I have various lists:

  • Next learning
  • Next action
  • Ideas
  • Quotes
  • Jokes
  • Next week
  • Next month
  • To do later

I m sorting collected items between them. By simply clicking the alt+ctrl+b I am invoking a dialog box which allows me to define a simple task. After the task is on the list it is waiting until a specified time of the day. I have a habit to review tasks at eight pm. I can click on each task and choose an appropriate list.



You can define the lists in the settings.

Application works with the format of  ToDoList  by Abstract Spoon.  If you want to view your tasks list you have to use this great application. Right now I don’t have my own browser. ToDoList is so great that I don’t need one.

This application is just the beginning of a bigger collection of programs, which will help me, and I hope also you with a better time management system.

Next module will be in WPF it will have a various analyzing and reporting features.