I have changed the Blog name from “Passionate Programmer” to “Pragmatic Developer”. Why this change you could ask ? :)

From Programmer to Developer

Coder / Ninja / Hacker / Programmer / Developer / Engineer even Rock star. Quite a big list of names used to describe someone in our field. Why then it is really important for me feel as a “Developer” instead of a “Programmer” ?

My first job. I am sitting at the desk, bashing the keyboard, creating code someone else thought about. Simple code monkey duty, but I am happy as a Coder. One Year later different company, I can finally influence the code. I get more responsibilities. I finally feel that I am becoming a real programmer. Still a junior one but there is a progress. Another Year, another company. I am leaving technical domain from time to time, making workshops, advising my fellow team-mates. I am starting to feel the importance of soft skills. Negotiation, Communication, Team-Play even kindness. Instead of focusing on the code, I am becoming all around, problem solver. New feature can do this, influence organization can do this, change deployment procedure can do this, chat with client sure can do this, provide on site support yep this too :). I have developed and my responsibilities changed a lot since I started. Programmer is just not enough to describe the things I do. Developer it is better. I develop products, teams, even myself. Wonder what’s next ;)

From Passionate to Pragmatic

I always thought that Passion is the single most important trait of a successful programmer. Now I think it is crucial but pragmatism took the leading role. I had to try a lot of different technologies and tools to really appreciate this attitude. I have stopped participating in technological ‘flame wars’. I do know that each technology has its pros / cons. My only drive is how much ‘value’ can this provide. I am just interested in how easily I do solve the problems. Also I could tell you a lot of stories about how crazy I was when it came to the code quality. Now I do strongly believe in the ‘Good Enough Software’. There is always a middle-ground to be found and We have to find. That’s why I recently discovered the value of code-review process. 2nd pair of eyes can greatly influence your code, design and can influence your way of thinking.

Pragmatism also changed the way I approach my career. I was ‘Chasing new Technologies’. I wanted to be the cool kid, that’s why I have changed jobs quite a lot. Now I know that when you are looking for place to work the single most important thing is the ‘Culture’. It’s the factor that can make your live happy or quite sad. And there is the thing about politics. I always thought that politics sucks, I am an engineer why do I need to engage in this messy managerial stuff. This perception changed a lot. If you want to influence your organisation, culture, company, you need to gain political power. You can’t be an insignificant peon in our IT world that is driven by the huge EGOs :)

My evolution was quite surprising to me. Wonder how I will think in the next 4 years. I would really like to read your programming path, don’t be shy add a comment ;)