.Net group from Wroclaw University of Technology was invited by Microsoft to the event in their HQ in Warsaw . It was a first gathering of .Net groups from our country. Almost 200+ students showed up. Microsoft had problems with overcrowded hall but it was ok. As name suggests it was a all night event.

It was all about fun :

  • Couple of great presentations about Career in IT , WP7 Development and new Features in IE 9.
  • Lot of contest. Chees games , Guitar Hero Contest , Speaker Idol , Karaoke contest. Of course everything with nice prizes.

MS invests lot of resources into academic communities. This is a smart move. If a young developer or IT pro starts career on MS Stack , there is a big probability that he will stay here.In a long run this means more business and money for Microsoft.




Great event we had a lot of fun especially on “Kinect” and Xbox. We also tried MS Surface.I really liked the friendly  atmosphere in the MS. It’s a pity that I wont be able to attend next year edition.