Projects, source code, different concepts. Those are the byproducts of our work . Every programmer in his carrer develops a lot of different stuff.

I allways planned to host mine “toys” somewhere. Sure there there is github, assembla and other hosting possibilities, but to be honest I need more customization options, and the feeling that I can do something on my own is tempting. There is also NanyFx framework that I read good things about, I just had to try it out and created simple site

This will be my playgroud for Knockout.js, Nancy framework, SignalIR, Twitter Bootstrap and other cool stuff. Nancy is quite awesome and it is a something new for me. I like the “less code” feeling. Compared to Asp.Net Mvc there is quite a huge gain in number of lines.

I tried out Nancy, which is based on Sinatra framework from RoR community. My first impressionit is good. I like the whole idea of writing less code. Also I think that “modules” are more readable and maintanable beacuse you are forced to simplify your “controller” layer. This leads to really good code. The only problem I had was the lack of knowledge/documentation available on the Web. While developing I enountered some problems that took me a while to fix. This won’t be a problem with more mature product, bigger community and adoption rate.