Hurray we have survived the armageddon. To celebrate this marvelous achievement, I redesigned my blog.

Well seriously my site needed new layout, fonts and colors.  Previous version was just unreadable,  I barely was able to focus on anything. My blog is mostly about content, so I wanted to shift focus onto this content. Previous version caused a lot of problems, with all the different colors, weird fonts and odd headings. There is still a lot to learn for me in the typography, editing and writing, but this new design is a first step in good direction.

I am planning to write more and more and more. My english is improving (slowly) and writing right now is not so a big problem, as it was like 2 years ago. I had a lot of problems with words, grammar etc. but It gets better. Those dread full deadlocks, caused by lack of the words, are becoming almost extinct. When i was starting with all this non-native writing, it was just a way to for myself to learn language. More writing means more mistakes, more mistakes equals bigger knowledge and experience.

<>I am thinking about taking some writing lessons, but not the ones related with books,novels. I want to improve my editing skills a bit. What do you think about it ?</p>