• Organization: Almost perfect
  • Venue: Excellent
  • Food: let me quote my friend "Conference with best food! @agnieszkajach"
  • Speakers: Mix of specialities and backgrounds, multiple tracks
  • I was speaking! It went good!
  • List of interesting talks at the bottom

Oh NDC Oslo, you awesome beast! It was really an amazing conference. Among my personal top, next to Build Stuff and DevDay. This was my first time ad NDC Oslo and also my first time as a speaker on a bigger event! And actually it was the first time I was able to watch myself speaking. It is a weird felling and one thin I have noticed, you need to be carefull with Spotlight effect

I am satsified with this presentation. There are some problems like breathing, too fast speaking and some times complicated pronounciation, but as for first presentaiton in English for me, I am really satisified. People asked a lot of questions and it also generated some nice follow up blog posts :) Database integrations for Microservices.

I also had lightning talk but sadly it was not recorded or NDC has decided to not to publicize it. This one was actually good. Stresfull but good, having no hdmi connection and dropping presentaiton clicker is not the best way to start presenting. I have some pictures :)

It took me 70+ hrs to prepare. Thanks to to Pawel Sawicz and Zopa for giving me space to test the presentation in their Office. This test was very bad and was a nice wake up call that mobilized me to work harder and do more preparation.

Some Reactions:

Other Interesting talks

Troy is Troy. Great speaker, awesome charisma, captivating presence on stage. This time we could be part of him adding new dump of password to the “I have been pwned website”. This sie has told me that, I have been pwned. This was a nice wakeup call that my security around web sux. Using LastPass now.

The most influential talk, this was the first time I finally got what Erland is about. For me Erlang is Akka on steroids. I know Erlang was first and Akka is based on Erland ideas. Still akka comparision helps me organise the knowledge nicely. Elixir is waiting for me to pick it up and play a bit. Seriously. I was really impresed by what Rob Conery presented. Even if I won’t have opportunity to use those technologies. It will be usefull to dissect the core principels and ideas behind them. ‘Erlang’ might be the final end goal in the microservice and functional programming hype.

It is a bit opinionnated as Rob is creator of Aurelia but still it is a good talk that tries to make some structure in chaotic world of Javascript frameworks.

If you are into IOT then you have to see this talk. Beacons are interesting.

Nice refreshement of functional paradigm.

Still have to watch this one as I attended only 15 min. Heart good things about this one.