It have been a while, but my blog is not dead … yet. Finally, I have found motivation to write my 100th post.

A lot has changed recently and I am spending most of the time stabilizing my life after “breaking” changes ^^. I have planned to move abroad for quite a while and due to various personal reasons I had to wait. But Finally, I have decided to move on. Time to get out of my “comfort zone” and face new challenges.

My new home - London. Never thought that this would happen, I was supposed to be in Germany or Sweden, that was the plan :) But I am glad that I am here, really glad.

Why Sweden ?

I have a very close family in there. I had a brief work experience in this great country, really liked it. Friendly people, good opportunities, IT is very strong. Weather could be problematic, but at least colder climate motivates you to work harder. If there is nothing to do you just go back to productive activities ;).

I was thinking about sending my CV to tretton37 but it didn’t happen. They do look like a fantastic company with passionate developers. There is also DICE in Stockholm, I love BF series and was considering even to move into gaming industry, but nah web development and agile + business is the way to go for me :)

Why Germany ?

The IT is also strong. Berlin looks like a vibrant city with emerging startup ecosystem. I have noticed a lot of companies in games industry using Unity framework, Cool. Germany is quite cheap when you compare cost of living in the Europe. Houses and apartments prices are very similar to Polish cities like Krakow and Warsaw. It is close to my hometown which is always nice but with flights it is not a problem anymore.

UK / London

So why I am in London ;) Yeah … Great community, great companies, great city, rent is quite expensive but its not that bad. I have analyzed the Dev community. Lots of meetups, conferences, there is allways something to do almost every day, 6 Amazing!. I think that this is the place to be for a passionate Dev, if he wants to develop your career. I will be working for JustGiving. Great company with work culture that is reflecting my approach and the way I think. Great staff with very bright people. We will see how it goes. So far so good ;) At the moment I am focusing on my productivity, to be ready as soon as possible to get stuff done.

“The Plan”

Thanks to these changes, I have found my motivation and passion. It got missing somewhere, but here I have it again :)

For the next 6 months in technical area I want to focuse on:

F# The time has come and I am ‘mature’ enough to finally start using F# for some serious stuff. More to come soon.

TDD / DDD / BDD I have been using TDD, love this approach but still there is a lot to learn. With TDD naturally I thought about BDD and to just go with the flow DDD thinking is something I need to get a serious grasp on.

Open Source It’s time to get some pull requests accepted :)

English language + social activities in the London Dev community

My Book List for the next months