From time to time I will write a post just for “saving” interesting links for the future reference. <h4>Links:</h4> <p> 

Software Inventory

In this post Joel points out many software development problems. If you want some advice about managing bugs, feature backlogs then check it out.\

There is a little self promotion hidden inside the post Smile. His company created nice free project dashboard web app called Trello. It’s really awesome app. I am using it for couple of projects.

Arrays in JS  - [ ] or new Array()

I am a .Net developer but I use JS a lot. I am, not an expert and some of the things especially in JS are bizarre and weird for me.

Trap of Estimations

<p></p> <p>I like Pawel’s blog his insights and writing is great. Lot’s of awesome tips hidden there Smile.</p> <p>
Software 80 / 20</p> <p>These two posts got me thinking about 80 / 20 rule which was something I treated as an “axiom”. Now I have a more “careful” approach to it.</p>