I came back to Wordpress. Brief adventure with BlogEngine .Net is over.

It is not that BlogEngine is bad or something. It’s really a great software but … I just want to write blog posts and Wordpress gives everything you need in a nice easy to use package. BlogEngine is different. You have to do a lot of things by yourself. No no no i just want to write :D.

I migrated to BlogEngine beacuase i wanted to learn more about developing sites. With BlogEngine i had a code in .Net so i was playing around [at least for a while]. Right now i have a job with a lot of web developement and i don’t have a time to “code here , code there” on blog , so there was no point to stick with the old Enigne.

Of course there was also a great problem with spam bots attacking my site. There are great anti-spam tools for BlogEngine [Akismet filter is already in 1.6.0 version package] but well i had a problem with configuration :D

So i m back here. I’m planning to stick with the Wordpress right now. Maybe in the future i will try something different , something new … who knows.