I have spent some time on the weekend watching Tech Ed on channel 9

  1. Hack Proofing Your Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Applications
  • Sql Injections

  • Cross Site Scripting

  • parameter tampering in MVC3

Great presentation with ton of useful information’s . I didn’t knew that you can exploit web applications in soo many ways.

2. The Architect

  • Software Development Crisis

  • Great analogies to other engineering disciplines

If you don’t want to end as a Code Monkey in the near future. You have to watch this presentation.

3 . Demystifying Debugging with Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate and IntelliTrace

  • lots of good stuff about debugging features in VS

  • IntelliTrace and VS Tests

Now I know that this window on the left side of the screen is called IntelliTrace and it’s a great tool ;]