A lot has happened in the last year 2014.

  • I moved to London which was not that easy task. Moving abroad proofed more difficult than, I thought and those estate agents ... I don't want to start.
  • Started working for an awesome company JustGiving. I am glad and happy that, I can work with so many awesome people on projects that have an impact. It is really good to work for Tech4Good company.
  • Finally, I invested heavily into learning about functional programming.
  • Spent a lot of time organizing my TDD knowledge, couple of books + one nice workshop with Roy Osherove.
  • I did some talks in Polish / English dev groups.
  • Organized dotnetconf.pl with Pawel and Jakub.

What I want to do in 2015 ?

  • Again, functional programming all the way. This is the 'thing', I want to go for now and see what happens. It was really refreshing to learn about it and use it in some practical projects.
  • DDD, I need to gain more knowledge about it. It was always there, I have read blue book by EE but I think, I wasn't mature enough to really grasp it. I have heard good things about Implementing DDD by VV, probably will start with this book.
  • Speaking activities, I need to do more speaking to learn from my mistakes and get better.
  • Artificial Intelligence, AI will be a great source of problems complex enough so that, I can use functional programming with it. I always wanted to start learning about AI, it is something that really interests me, apart from history and sci-fi. Will see what happens, I have already started last year by refreshing my knowledge from uni and gaining little 'foothold' in this broad and complex subject. You will see some posts about AI for sure.