I feel empowered and motivated, dotnetconf.pl and also Software Architects conf gave me a huge energy boost. Thank you everyone for being with us on dotnetconf.pl. For those of you who don’t know, dotnetconf.pl is an online conference, from Polish speakers to Polish developers. You can watch presentations here.

Last Saturday we have organized 2nd edition of this event and it looks like there will be another one. We don’t know when, I know that ideally, you the viewers, would like it to be sooner than later. As of now the plan is to do them yearly, but we might consider a conference on a 6 month basis plus smaller events per 3 months. It all depends on the demand and the audience. Pawel has also an idea to start audio cast, something like hanselminutes, with speakers discussing various topics from our dev world.

While, I was writing this post someone else was also thinking about audio cast idea and … today Maciej Aniserowicz has started his podcast ( Check it out it’s great ). Due to this we might pursue a different idea, maybe something like pair programming on stream, twitch, we might try it on 15th November doing game of life in Haskell / F# for Global Code Retreat. Would there be any interest in something like that ?</blockquote> The conference chat was full of discussions. That’s great, really great and there is this small idea, proposed by one of the attendees, to start a conference a week before a live event like DevDay. With such a date, all the topics started online, could be followed in real life. Wouldn’t that be great ? The soo called “Hallway Track” doesn’t fit to the online format. However if you have any ideas on how to do something like that, then PM me :)

Unfortunately you weren’t able to watch Basia’s talk, we had issues with google hangout. We have been testing everything twice and it was ok and the suddenly it stopped being ok. Basia’s talk is going to be recorder and sent to all of you, soon be patient :)

Overall conference was great, I hope that you also enjoyed it. Still there are things that we can change / improve.

  • backup speakers, ready to step up if there is a problem
  • backup option for streaming, that might be hard, any suggestions ?
  • missed opportunities to attract bigger audience
  • Q/A system, some semi automated script
  • implement a way to quickly notify everyone that there are issues
  • some script to notify all the channels that new stream is starting
  • because of SignalR and static pages we weren’t able to update the agenda
  • simple voting system on the site

We might do more, we are open for suggestions. Feel free to send us a message with anything. Even comment that my thumbs ups and down on camera are childish, is a helpful one :)

Thank you for all the feedback. You are the best :) Feel free to comment here and discuss some of the things that i just mentioned.