I am a time management freak. That’s why I was creating application TimeIsMoney. Currently, I m not working on this app. Instead I had another idea based on an earlier project, I m creating a new simpler app. “Desktop Todo”.




It is a simple app which let you create Todo lists displayed on the desktop. Currently, it supports only task showing and ability to mark the task as a completed. It supports “*.tdl” files from Todo List program. In future releases, it is gonna support its own, simpler format.

Application stays in tray. There isn’t any Main Window. To do this in WPF , I m using the WPF NotifyIcon by Philip Sumi check out this great control. You can do a lot of things with it.


If you want to add new list right click on the Todo List Notify Icon in the tray and select “*.tdl” formatted xml file.

This is an early version. Make a  copy of your “*.tdl. file before trying it out !!.



Features in this early release:

  • You can open “*.tdl” files. Check out the Todo List.

  • You can Complete Tasks.

  • You can Filter out tasks which are due in this : Day , Week (DWA) panel

  • You can add multiple projects.

  • You can hide list by clicking on the project name.

  • You can delete list.


Future features :

  • integration with visual studio

  • special color of task if it is over due

  • time tracking

  • complex filtering

  • ability to attach files to the tasks (eg. on click you can open a pdf file like ebook)



Source Code

Download (Soon :P)

If you have any ideas feel free to share them with me. Mail me or post a comment.