Polish .NET community and Maciej Aniserowicz has started another edition of “Daj sie poznac” event ( translation: something along “Show yourself!” ).

The last one was probably in 2010. The community was completely different back then. Not that many people writing about tech stuff. Comparing to current number of people that joined the party ( 100+ ) a lot has changed since 2010.

The rules of the contest are very simple.

  • Have a hobby project
  • Write about the project and progress
  • Contribute to the community
  • Have fun

More details (It is in Polish)

I was working on small hobby thing and this will be another way to encourage me to do stuff and code / write.

Hobby Project - Overseer
A simple microservices monitoring app that will show the graph of all the services with their dependencies. A way to check the status, traffic and maybe debug requests later on ( that would be cool ). This will be useful tool in my company and a great way to learn and do something interesting.

Things to do:

  • Simulated services. I need a way to create multiple services in controlled environment. Planning to create this using F# with Suave. Might add docker later.
  • Front-end UI. React App which for data presentation D3.js for graph rendering.
  • System to gather the data for the React App. Potentialy will use the Akka.Net.

Github link for the project

I am also going to stream coding sessions live using livecoding.tv platform.