What can i say ? I m lovin it !

Today i ve used  JQuery for the first time  and wow i m really amazed. It’s soo great. You can acomplish a lot of usefull things soo easily.

Some Examples.

You want to find a table and mark a row with an empty  column ? No worries.

It’s Easy.

In this example. JQuery first finds table with parameter summary with value Some Table. Then in look for tr’s (table rows) with empty column. After selection it uses css function to apply new style , here its just simple background color.

JQuery works on DOM - Document Object Model. so you have to be sure that document is ready. Every piece of code should be inside special fucntion

$(document).ready(function() {

// Code


Expression like $(….) is a selector. Selectors let’s you query DOM for objects (div , p , a ,table etc.). More info on Selectors …

When you have the object you can change , manipulate it in various ways ….

$(....).hide() - hides object 

$(....)css(...) -  let's you add some css style to object.

There are tons of useful functions. Check Documentation , Tutorials and here is a nice “Cheat Sheet”

It’s so simple and easy. It’s so much fun playing around with JQeury.

If you want to taste it a bit , run your favourite Browser open Developer Console and try it.

April’s Fools day was yesterday but  here is a nice “trick” in javascript ^^.

Open your favourite website and paste this to your navigation bar.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’false’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

Have Fun