Experienced Engineering Lead expert in distributed systems, system design, cloud-native and devops - working remotely from London area.

Experienced Software Engineer

10 years of experience building products in different domains: e-commerce, finance, charity, consumer facing sites. Polyglot programmer oriented on backend technologies. Can code in many languages using different paradigms and persistence stores. Experienced and passionate about building cloud first, scalable and reliable distributed systems. Pragmatic software craftsman who understands Good enough Software. Focused on driving business impact using technology.

Passionate about cloud first distributed systems

‘Eventual Consistency’, ‘Cap Theorem’, ‘Dynamo Paper’, ‘Consensus Problems’, ‘CRDT data structures’ are the things that make me really happy. I am spending a lot of time researching - how to build, maintain and operate scalable and reliable solutions. Apart from that, I do spend a lot of time with GO, Python and Kubernetes.

In love with linux, mint, i3wm and vim

Since I started using vim out of boredom in one of the less interesting projects, I got sucked into Linux world. At the moment most of my work is done from Mint virtual machine running i3wm with vim as a main editor.

Natural Leader

Natural leader that understands people, their emotions and aspirations. Great mediatior that knows how to connect business and tech. Using this knowledge and experience everyday to inspire and multiply work of my teams. Experience working in Agile enviroments. Passionate about growing teams and people. Practicioner of self-organizing teams and serving leadership.

Mentor and Coach

Teaching and mentoring around Software Career and personal development. Can help to move over inevitable problems and learn as much as possible from them. Need help with growth or just want to ask question ? Allways open for chat. I like to speak and share ideas. You can check previous and coming events.